The Meteorology and Climate - Modeling for Air Quality Conference is a biennial event hosted by the University of California, Davis. The three day conference brings together research scientists, experts, and professionals from around the world to discuss a wide range of topics related to meteorology for air quality applications. The primary focus is on understanding and improving meteorological modeling, understanding what is "under the hood" in the models, how experimental data can be used to improve them, and the importance of meteorology in air quality modeling applications.


Who is Invited?

The conference is open to all individuals who are interested in meteorology and how it relates to air quality. The attendees range from government agencies and officials, academics, community groups, industry representatives, delegates, consultants, and more.



Virtually! We will share information on the virtual platform in the coming months. 



September 14-17, 2021 (Tuesday-Friday)


Hosted By

UC Davis Air Quality Research Center

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Contact: Sandra Hall, airqualityevents@ucdavis.edu


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2019 Session Topics

  • Modeling of Processes Across Global and Regional Scales

  • LES, CFD, and Urban Canopy Modeling

  • Model Evaluation Using Meteorological and Chemical Observations

  • Data Assimilation & Inverse Modeling

  • Complex Terrain and Coastal Zone Meteorology

  • Convection

  • BL Parameterizations

  • Aerosol Direct & Indirect Feedbacks and Aerosol Aware Microphysics

  • New and Innovative Modeling Techniques: Machine Learning, New Computation Methods/GPUs, Exposure Estimate Improvement, Data Simulation

  • Composition and Operational Forecasting from Daily to Seasonal Scales

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